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Unified Communications

Organisations are “Digital by Design”

We are a more connected society than ever, and digital capabilities have enhanced this with social media, mobile, analytics, big data, cloud and the internet of things.

To remain competitive in the digital era, the future connected enterprise will need to be “Digital by DNA” to connect successfully to forever changing customers.

Building a “Digital DNA” for your business is a digital transformation across all parts of the business. The most important part is to connect your customers to all people, process and technology across your organisation.

The Digital Agenda

As  Gartner states, two thirds of CEOs say their enterprises are involved in industry-level digital initiatives. There are significant financial benefits to be gained from adopting digital strategies and technologies.

The advent of mobile, social media and big data are driving the digital agenda, resulting in the re-engineering of processes, the adoption of new communication strategies and an increased focus on digital solutions.


  • Apply technology to the front-end customer experience and implement back-end automation to proactively engage digital with your customers
  • Adapt to the digital customer for new growth opportunities – create social communities, knowledge bases and omni-channel strategies to increase revenues
  • Create a digital strategy that ensures your entire organisation embraces digital customer initiatives

The latest digital initiative: Skype for Business

Microsoft recently announced the re-brand and integration of MS Lync to Skype for Business. Skype is already well established and is the next disruptor in the industry for voice, instant messaging (IM), video and chat. Microsoft’s re-brand is indicative of a significant shift in focus and strategy to “connect people everywhere”.

Enghouse Interactive has over 230 deployments on Skype for Business – and growing.

Whatever your requirements or environment, Microsoft’s Skype for Business strategy is compelling for any organisation. Get in touch to find out how we can help you deliver a true unified-communications-enabled customer experience.

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Skype for Business

Frequently Asked Questions about UC and Customer Communications

The ‘U’ in Unified Communications (UC) has always been about delivering a unified approach by integrating solutions to drive efficiencies. It is the ‘C’ element – the ‘communications’ component – that has changed over time. But there’s no need for a U-turn in approach – it’s a case of building on the expanded reach of UC.

In the context of the customer communications, UC initially meant incoming fixed-line voice calls and then the mobile and web revolutions took place. Today, it takes in a myriad of communications types – from voice to email, web chat, video and social media.

UC technology has also made another recent transition. Organisations first used applications like Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber internally to check presence and route calls, bringing employees together to solve problems within the enterprise. They soon realised this new methodology could also support external communications, enabling them to quickly route customers to the individual best placed to respond.

    Use it to drive more efficient customer interaction in the contact centre

    Legacy customer services typically operate as isolated silos. Today’s contact centres need to be a fully-integrated part of the business and link to existing UC infrastructures. That allows you to call on expertise across the connected enterprise to quickly resolve customer queries.

    Migrate to an approach that combines the contact centre and the connected enterprise

    Combine technologies to create an infrastructure that supports unified communications. Cloud computing and IP-based networking enable a virtualised environment, whilst UC delivers insight into the presence of customer-facing staff. In addition, directory and database integration enables you to know who is available to support your customers.  The result – quicker call resolution leading to happier customers and agents

    Choose the best delivery mechanism for your business needs

    Look for a migration plan that transitions you smoothly to UC.  The best vendors offer the flexibility of both cloud and on-premise contact centre ‘flavours’ and support this through a one-stop shop for a business’s complete communication needs.

    Enghouse Interactive UC Capabilities

    Our solutions help your people to collaborate more efficiently, work remotely and make every minute count. To ensure you get functionality that’s a perfect match for your organisation, we look at your whole business and design a solution that meets your specific needs. Our modular approach lets you expand your solution as your organisation grows from console, help desk/ departmental through to complex contact centre environments.

      Have a bird’s-eye view of everyone, without leaving your desk. Integrated, live presence information including availability and current status helps employees ensure each transfer is successful and extend the reach across your entire organisation regardless of location. Presence information can be provided through Cisco Unified Presence, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Exchange.

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      Getting people together and sharing information, connect your back office functions to the front services. Collaborate with other employees through IM or conference in. Quickly set up conferences, change people’s Presence status, record and distribute voice messages – all while handling incoming calls.

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      Out of the office but still in touch, whether this is your customers contacting you from smartphones or employees connecting across the business.  

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      Personalise the caller experience and ensure messages reach their target, reduce caller frustration with voicemail greetings that automatically reflect your availability, customise your greeting and options for important callers.

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      Information drives improvement, find out if your employees, operator and customers are getting the full benefit of your new communications system. Gain insight into the time staff spend at their desks, away from their desks, in meetings and on the phone, use Presence reports to track sick days and for timekeeping

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      Enghouse Interactive multi-channel contact centre capabilities – from voice, email, webchat, social media, video and SMS – are seamlessly connecting businesses of all sizes to their customers.

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